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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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Well, what can I say about Steve and Nicole? Hmm. Good taste, good vibes, and good times. This was a very nicely put together wedding that had style, and everyone involved stayed cool and collected, even in sweltering 100 degree heat and high humidity!

I loved the flowers, designed by United Floral ( ) They lasted all day despite the blistering heat and humidity.

I went outside my Hudson Valley Weddings habitat and ventured to Manhattan College for their ceremony. Both Nicole and Steve attended the college, as well as many of their guests and family members, so it was a no-brainer for them to have their ceremony there. We did most of their formals in and around the buildings of the school.

From there, it was on to Beckwith Pointe (, a premier New Rochelle Beach Club. I had a hard time not trading my camera bags for a bikini and a drink with an umbrella at this place, let me tell you. I had to keep reminding mysef I was at work:) I didn't even know there were "beach clubs" in New York! The staff at Beckwith Pointe is outstanding- we were treated like guests from the moment we got there. Even though I was wearing flip flops. (Had to, I went through 3 pairs of shoes that day...long story...)

The reception was rocking. With lots of musicians in the crowd, the Emcees and Drummers from Pure Entertainment ( had no trouble finding people to rock out on the drums and those party people DANCED. Alot. The folks from Love and You Video did a great job of covering the action.

I went home sweaty, blisters on my feet, and pretty satisfied:)  Congratulations Nicole and Steve, thanks for a good time!